Parent-Teacher Conferences


In the past few days I have gone to conferences for 2/3 of my kids. Previously I had thought that it wasn’t as important to go to conferences after they leave Elementary school. But I’ve since changed my stance.

As a rookie high school parent I don’t know much about what goes on in the high school.  My only experience is as a high schooler myself which I have a hard time believing was so many years ago.

Does a high schooler still attend conferences?

Mine…. YES!  I want to see how the teacher and my child interact.

How do I know the questions to ask now that we have made the leap to high school?

I ask friends and co-workers who have been there.

My oldest child has been struggling in one of his classes. I went to that teacher first. We all decided that the class was not the class my son should be in and that we needed to see the counselor to get him out of there.

3 days later my child has been moved out of the class without incurring a penalty (they call it a penalty I call it an F) and hopefully its smooth sailing from here.

To this I say:

Be present, ask the questions. You are not the first parents in your situation. Trust your instincts.

Now on to the next conferences!

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