What’s their carrot?


Motivation. It’s what get us going. But what if you have a child or teen that is harder to get going? We all don’t have the same motivators.  Jimmy may go along with requests very easily but Sally is not going to go with the grain.

What’s her carrot? What gets her going?

Think about what your carrot is? Mine tends to be running shoes. I use it as a goal. Once I run _ miles or days in a row I can get those new running shoes that I want.  

Each of my kids have different carrots. For one its technology and social gaming. For another its shoes. The last is harder to figure out and that carrot is continually changing. I’ve found the goals must be shorter term for this child.

Does a carrot always need to be monetary?


1:1 time with mom or Dad can be that carrot.  A later curfew for a night out. An extra 30 minutes of computer time.

We all have our carrots. What’s yours?


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