Not everyone learns the same

As a parent of a child with learning disabilities this video touches a place deep down in me. Not all kids learn the same and its just fabulous to see a teacher think out of the box to help a student learn.
My daughter didn’t learn to read until she was in 5th grade. Last week I celebrated with her as she finished a book that she had been reading for the past five months. She had one page left and it took her an hour to read it. Then, the celebration began.
At dinner with friends the next night, I was telling friends about our celebration and I watched their faces sink. The pity they felt for her showed on their faces.
I was quick to let them know that we celebrate the accomplishments…. no matter how small. She does not want pity. She is proud of herself and we are so proud of her.
We all learn differently. Some take longer to learn and some just need some music in the background to get the words out.

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