Really Mom? Do I have to wear a coat?


As the temperatures drop we drag out the hats, mittens and winter jackets. If the kids are younger snow pants and boots too.

But how about when it’s not “cool” to look warm?


I live in MN where it gets REALLY cold. It’s not abnormal to see Minnesotans out in shorts until its below 32 degrees.


But that’s adults.


My kids coats have been left by the front door many times.  When they were in late Elementary School I would chase them down at the bus stop and make them put it on.  After moving to Middle School and High School,  I tried to go the natural consequence route. If you are cold you will wear Winter gear the next time.

When I was in 7th grade I was much too cool to wear a hat. So cool that I got frostbite on tip of my ear.  I still have the little lump on the tip of my ear.

Whenever I remind my kids to wear a hat they usually chime in with “Yeh Mom… we remember your ear.”

So will my kids get frostbite too because they think they are too cool or will they wear their Winter gear. Each year we wait and find out.

No Frostbite yet.

I guess that’s what we are all trying to do… make choices that teach our kids to make their own decisions.

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