Keeping Your Sanity or Keeping Up with the Joneses


I just love to buy things and give to my kids. That being said I struggle with Christmas.

Growing up I remember piles upon piles of gifts for my sister and I under the tree each year. When I was an adult I found out that my parents spent money they didn’t have each year to give us everything we wanted.

I want to give my kids everything. I want them to have the latest technology like all of their friends. I want them to wear the $200 boots and feel like they fit in.

Even if i could afford it I’ve learned that they shouldn’t have it all.

WHAT! Shouldn’t I want everything for my kids?

Yes. But I would rather they appreciate the few gifts they receive each year.

The last couple of year we instituted a new gift giving practice at our house:

1 thing the WANT

1 thing they NEED

1 thing to WEAR

1 thing to READ

This has helped me hone in on what is important to my kids. They value the gifts they receive more. Yes, I could still buy them that new technology but they would know not to expect much else.

They may not wake up Christmas morning with piles upon piles of gifts under the tree but I am not going into debt every Christmas for tons of gifts they will discard within six months.

And hopefully, whether they realize it or not, they are learning to appreciate the things around them more.

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