To Hover or Not to Hover


That is the question. Isn’t it?

With two weeks left in the trimester, I, in my adult mind, can process what is going on and the future ramifications of receiving a low grade.  

However, at 15, there are other things on my student’s mind.  He has told me he’s not concerned and has it covered. 


Let it be said that I am NOT a procrastinator and do not get when people save everything until the last minute.  My student, however, is not me and seems to love to save it all until the end and see how high he can get his grades to climb in the last week of the trimester. 

It drives me crazy!!!!

So I harp and harp but my words seem to fall upon deaf ears. 

So… Do I stop? Let natural consequences take over.

That has been my style of parenting since my kids were babies. If it’s safe, let the chips fall.

But, now, his GPA is at stake. 

Do I harp or let it be?

One Comment

  1. I learned to play the harp at an early age. Kids do not possess the maturity to understand the importance of good grades. As a parent, I dangle the ‘carrot’ of money for grades. Bribery yes, but victory indeed. Everyone has a carrot, you just need to find it. Your kids will thank you later when they have more options in front of them with solid grades.


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