Mama Bear and the Cub


We all think that our kids are fabulous. We know them better than anyone else. I, like many other mama bears, will go to great lengths to defend my cub.

Until I walked into high school conferences.

It’s time for the cub to defend himself. However, the vocabulary of the sullen teenage cub is not very developed. When the teacher let the cub know how he was doing (which he already knew was not good) and what he needed to do to remedy the situation he had few words.

At home the cub is rarely quiet. Telling me sometimes more than I want to know.

At school, face to face with teacher and parent, it’s not quite so simple.

So we sit and wait for the cub to answer the questions. The Mama Bear in me is fighting to get out. She wants to push him to answer the questions and make the Cub study and turn in his work. She wants him to know that it’s not about the work being turned in, it’s about not giving up on himself.  For high school is not just about academics but about life and we all want the cub to succeed in life.

But the sullen cub remains.

And the Mama Bear will remain by his side trying to teach him the skills to advocate for himself.

Because the Cub is indeed fabulous. He will not always be the sullen cub he is now.

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