What we don’t think to teach

Regardless of if we are ready or not; our kids will grow up.

Do you think they know the basics? Can they address, stamp and mail a simple letter?

Maybe not. When I was in school this was something that was taught. We practiced by addressing, stamping and mailing a letter to ourselves. Even though I knew I had written the letter, receiving it in the mail was so exciting.

I have worked with my kids to teach them skills that we don’t always think to teach. This was not something that I had intended to do, but after hearing stories of seniors who didn’t know very basic things I decided that my kids would know where to put a stamp.

So we started with some basics.

  • I no longer am the one to put letters in the mailbox. Several times they have been sent back to the box to put the flag up.
  • Thank you letters are a must at my house. Each kids needs to write, address and stamp each of their cards.
  • I don’t come running when someone can’t open a package. I’ve been known to say that if you can’t get it open you don’t need to have it. I’m sure there are exceptions to that rule though.

All in the hope that my kids will graduate, leave home and know how to do for themselves.   I have just a few more years left to give them everything they need before they go out in the world.

Wow. No pressure, huh?

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