The Missed Opportunity

carnationMothers Day came and went this year. It started like a usual day. I woke everyone and made sure everyone had what they needed to get their day going.

I left early with a sleepy teen to coach her morning soccer game. At the end of the game I reminded each of the girls on the team to take good care of their mom’s that day and everyday.

That’s when the first of my children realized they forgot Mother’s Day.

We moved from the first game to watch the oldest teen play another soccer game (this is a tournament weekend, of course). It should have been ideal. Sitting with my younger two teens and watching the oldest. Husband with all of us. A friend leaned over and asked if we had big plans for Mother’s day. She said her family had taken good care of her that morning with breakfast and a lovely gift.

That’s when the next child realized he forgot Mother’s Day.

After an exciting game we were on our way home when the first child told the oldest that it was Mother’s Day.

And that’s when the last child realized he forgot Mother’s Day.

I’d like to think I am a good Mom. I make sure that they are well taken care of. I am strict much of the time but that doesn’t stop us from having great, honest, loving conversations. They know they have a Mom that loves them because they see and feel it everyday.

I’d like to think that in their middle teenage years they can take the initiative to plan Mother’s Day. In the past I have given them money for Father’s Day and told them to buy a gift or plan something themselves. It’s been nice to see what they came up with. Last year they ordered Dad’s favorite pizza and had it delivered. It was nice to see them want to do for someone else.

A card, a coupon book (like they gave me when they were little), a cup of coffee, something to show they care. I am not a materialistic person at all and find my kids are very similar in that regard.

I’d like to think that I’ve taught them that sometimes an action means more than any gift they can give and is often the gift itself.

So I’ll wallow in self pity. And see that this was an opportunity lost and hope my kids see it as the same.

Next year maybe I’ll rent a hotel room for myself and get away.

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