At some point I know that I have to let my teenager out of the bubble that I have tried so hard to keep him in. It’s doing him no good for me to keep him there. 

He’s going to a day long concert. I know he will be exposed to the familiar, the unfamiliar and so many things I have tried to shield him from. I have to trust that when I let him out of the bubble he will take what he’s been given at home and make smart choices.

So what if those choices are less that stellar? That’s what I ask myself all day long.

However….  Am I doing him any good keeping him in the bubble just because I still see him as my baby? 


Time to let go a little and have faith. Faith in the boy that is quickly turning into a man.  Faith that he will make good choices and if he doesn’t that he will accept the consequences.

Bubbles can’t last forever.  Once they are gone what remains is the wide expanse of the world.

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